XXL – Extreme Experience Land

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XXL – Extreme Experience Land

Place: Alessandria | Italy

Client: Enel S.p.A.

Year: 2015

First prize

Project: The team led by RecchiEngineering won first prize in the international competition of ideas, launched by Enel, for the re-use of the gas turbine power plant at Alessandria.

The XXL (Xtreme Xperience Land) project involves the construction of an extreme sports park on the site of a disused thermoelectric power plant. The idea preserves the memory and identity of the industrial structures, which provide the perfect setting and container for these activities.

The park is divided into five thematic areas inspired by the elements of nature: Water– one of the two tanks and the respective outdoor reservoir will be used for water sports: diving, wakeboarding, surfing, high diving and waterball; Land – the second tank will focus on activities on land, with indoor climbing walls and ramps, halfpipes and special tracks outside for skateboarding, BMX, roller-skating and parkour; Air – the two fire-fighting facility tanks will house an area for experiencing activities in the air and skydiving; Energy – gas turbines, a crane, chimneys and the compressor rooms provide the ideal setting for adventure activities, simulators, bungee jumping and trampolines; Nature – a large green area will be used for a variety of activities: slacklining between trees, paintball, softair, and zorb soccer.

The cistern, once used to treat waste water, will be converted into an auditorium with a seating capacity of 150. This will be used for conferences, team-building sessions and educational activities. It will also guarantee the use of the facility during the week. The only brand new element is the “building-path” which leads visitors through the site and also houses ancillary services.

The idea for the project stemmed from the desire to redevelop the site without erasing its past, by demolishing as little as possible and re-using existing structures to enhance its character.


  • Team leader
  • Estimate and analysis of costs
  • Feasibility study