RecchiEngineering is founded on the capacity to combine the experience gained by the Recchi Group during more than 75 years in the real estate and construction sectors with the need for innovation to meet new challenges posed by the market.

RecchiEngineering’s primary objective is to meet its clients’ needs while at the same time ensuring sustainable development. This is achieved by providing coordinated project engineering alongside traditional engineering services.

Interaction between multi-professional teams , together with flexible management and the engineering approach used, allow the company to tackle even the most demanding major works projects.

RecchiEngineering’s mission is to:

strengthen its presence in the field of project and construction management;
• develop close synergies with other Recchi Group companies to guarantee a comprehensive, multidisciplinary service;
• enhance competitiveness so that clients are assured of receiving top-level services according to the latest project and construction management methods;
• guarantee compliance with quality, sustainability, deadlines and costs of the project and of works;
build relationships based on trust with clients and co-workers, guaranteeing professional, ethical conduct as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility.