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Place: Milan | Italy
Client: EuroMilano S.p.A
Year: 2016

Project: Following the architectural competition launched by EuroMilano, the group led by RecchiEngineering of Turin, and composed of AI Engineering, AI Studio of Turin, Scandurra Studio of Milan, and Zanetti Design Architettura of Milan, won the contract for the construction of eight residential buildings, covering an area of 31,000 square meters (Gross Floor Area) as a part of the redevelopment plan for Cascina Merlata in Milano.

The project envisages the construction of residential buildings as a continuation of the existing and developing landscape and urban design: It will be a combination of multi-storey buildings and towers of 8 to 15 storyes in accordance with the stated requirements of the tender. The project offers an extremely flexible combination of housing typologies, which can be adopted to market and user needs.

The project aims for a highly holistic approach to the varied elements that make up the general design of the Cascina Merlata area: environment, architecture, infrastructure and services, with the goal of resource sustainability. To fulfill heating needs, there will be a district heating network, and for cooling, the heat pumps that utilise rainwater will guarantee energy efficiency and absence of polluting emissions. The use of solar panels for energy generation will provide for almost the entire demand for public area lighting. Altogether, these features will allow Cascina Merlata to obtain an energy certificate higher than A1 class.


  • Project Management
  • Construction Management