New Intesa Sanpaolo head office: safety control at the construction site

Pubblicato il: 15 March 2015

RecchiEngineering  will be responsible for safety at the construction site for the new Intesa Sanpaolo Headquarters in the heart of Turin (a skyscraper more than 150 metres tall, designed by Renzo Piano). The building will house most of the bank’s operational and management offices.
Recchi, already acting as technical consultant for activities in preparation for the actual construction project, will thus join a team of professional firms involved in the building’s design and construction, as Safety Coordinator for the design and construction stages.

All activities will be required to comply with current safety regulations (Italian Legislative Decree 494/96 and subsequent amendments and additions) and with a Safety Management System in accordance with the 2001 UNI INAIL guidelines, which goes beyond the “minimum requirements”.
The overall management of the construction site will thus have the characteristics and features of a Quality Management System. It will apply across all functions at the construction site, based on a participatory approach, and be implemented by the organisation’s internal staff.
This approach will enable the use of processes to increase the efficiency and safety of work activities, and reduce the overall costs of “non-safety”; the health and safety of workers is thus seen as a strategic factor within a broader process of continuously improving workers’ perceived quality of work life.