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Place: Turin | Italy

Client: Leonardo Global Solutions

Period: 2017 – present

Project: The Masterplan includes the transformation of the premises of the historic “Alenia Aermacchi” complex, at the intersection between Corso Marche and Corso Francia, in Turin, and covers a large industrial site, partly abandoned, which extends over 250,000 sqm. Because of its size, position and characteristics, this area of the city plays a strategic role in terms of the renewal and development of a broad swath of urban territory in the city’s northwest quadrant.
The plan redefines the planes, volumes and urban spaces of the area, utilizing flexible and diversified strategies and realization processes, thus making possible an incremental transformation, with independent areas of intervention. Of particular importance among these areas is the program for the consolidation of the production facilities and offices of the Leonardo Group, which intends not only to maintain, but also to expand its industrial presence in the area, with direct effects in terms of job creation.
The highly qualified nature of the research and development activities in the aerospace and aeronautics sector serves as a distinctive driver in the area’s qualification as a production, management and services hub, which will also contain hospitality structures, commercial and residential spaces, sports and leisur time areas and training and entertainment structures.

Project: RecchiEngineering

Team: Livio Dezzani, Ai Engineering, Cesare Rampi, Carlo Merani, Giuliana Romano, Avalon Consulting


  • Masterplanning
  • Project Management
  • Team leader